Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nature's Motion, Copying the processes of nature into Inventions

Nature is beautiful and we should stop harming it and start healing the Earth and the forces that make it what it is when it is healthy. When we feel energy or see energy in motion in nature we will witness spiralling motion such as in whirlpools or tornados, while the motion of a tornado can be destructive it can also be extremely beneficial and productive as an energy source. It's motion of nature is never ending in revolution. Our understanding of tornados is misguided because we don't fully understand why they develop where they do, if we did we could know where to build our houses or buildings and we could avoid disaster. We could instead build tornado friendly devices in vortex accentual or prone environments. If a firmly grounded propeller or wind energy generating windmill were in the path of or inside a tornado the resulting spin would be enormous resulting in free electricity for one and also free rotation of the propeller resulting in energy creation or motive power.

Copied in new Nature based technology the vortex action of a tornado can create immense and unlimited power. Helping Nature by knowing how it functions is the secret to our own human nature. Like an animal that attacks when frightened, it does not know better but when trained the animal will not attack. Nature can be our friend and when it is it is our greatest ally. Galaxies and cyclones, whirlpools, and suction created water whirlpools are some of the patterns energy takes in natural power. Two spirals going up in opposite directions is the true path of health for the Earth and for men and women of the Earth. Knowledge of these two intertwined spirals of energy is the key to our present and future. In a tornado this energy is present. Other spiraling vortexes are similar in water and in space in black holes. Energy that humans or machines create is actually spiral in physical appearance when photographed with a special camera. This is why spirals are in hotels and beautiful places. They give off energy, our natural bodies and minds are naturally attuned to nature however little these days, understanding is the key to unlocking the artificial door we have placed in the forests of our planet. The geometric shapes outlined which are nature's building blocks are outlined on the Sacred Geometry page.

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